We provide specialized services to small and large home owner’s residences. The gardens, patios, driveways, walkways, sidewalks, pool decks, gazebos, water fountains, and water walls are the beauty of your investment, which we will help you perfect, maintain and protect forever lasting time.

When you are looking at the value of your home or business, landscaping can be an incremental piece to that puzzle. Landscaping, in essence, can realize your dream location. Midpeninsula Landscaping  is focused on creating a landscape dream for your home. This dream varies from client to client; therefore, our services will be tailored to meet each of those visions.

Our qualified and professional designers will work with you to develop a design custom tailored for your property. Our staff will treat you and your property with respect. Our field staff are trained, uniformed and well equipped to provide quality service on every job we do. When the time comes to improve your investment, look no further than Midpeninsula Landscaping.

Residential Services include:

Brick paves                                                      Arbors Concrete
Clean Ups                                                        Flagstone
Retaining walls                                               Stone work
Trimming                                                         Lawn Aeration
Fertilizing                                                        Hauling
Flower Beds                                                    New irrigation & re-paths
Lighting                                                           Mowing
Mulching                                                         Planting
Pruning                                                           Artificial grass
Smart controls                                                Bobcat service
Fence installation                                           New sod lawns / renovations
hardscape                                                       Water features

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